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DIY DJI Mavic Air car/usb charger

Since DJI did something very strange and did not implement (or disabled) battery charging over USB-C build in Mavic Air, I did want to have other means of charging it during travel. On DJI forum there is a topic about some guy saying “he misses USB charging” and lot of crap from other people giving completely useless advice like “use car charger”, “buy car with 110V outlet” – whatever. For me this was completely valid point and I do want to travel with my Air not only by the car, power it from powerbank and have only one cellphone charger for all my devices. Continue Reading

MKS Gen 1.4 board with TMC2130 and Marlin firmware – howto

I wanted to change my Infitary HiB3 stepstick drivers with TMC2130, mostly to get it working more quietly but also because the perspective (meaby someday…) of other nice features of Prusa i3 MK3 where appealing. Sadly Infitary has all motor drivers SMD soldered so I had to get everything new. I ordered (what seems to be the best value-money choice) Chinese MKS 1.4 board and pack of 5 TMC2130 v1.1 stepper drivers. The only difference (except the price ;)) between Chinese 1.0 and 1.1 TMC stepsticks is that 1.0 are soldered to be used without SPI feedback data. You could change them manually from 1.0 to 1.1 (you would need to resolder 3 jumpers and change side of 4 connectors – see picture), but I assumed it’s too much hassle and I went with 1.1 directly Continue Reading

Engraving, cutting 5.5W laser – description and proper connection

During upgrading my engraving machine (Chinese so called CNC 3018) I had to do some reverse engineering to do proper connection.聽 Perhaps someone else may find this information useful – so here you go 馃檪

Laser itself is distributed as two part set. Laser in aluminium cooling block with fan (and four wires), and PWM/TTL controller board.

Controller board uses this main components:

  • XL4003E1 – voltage regulator with input voltage 5V-32V, 4A CC max with 300kHz switching frequency
  • IC chip MCP60021 OPAMP – operational amplifier
  • Voltage regulator 78L05 – 5V output, 100mA
  • NPN transistor D476 61C

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Volvo Vida stopped working and you cannot login?

If your new installation of Volvo Vida (2012 up to 2014D) does not work – you cannot log in, after fresh and proper installation. Or your existing installation stopped working… well this is because patched license has expired recently (like in 1.1.2018).

Download “patch” (2014A+) that you usually have to apply after installation of Vida, and extract “exe” file to C:\ drive (or wherever is your Vida) – do not run it, just extract it (with WinRar, 7zip etc). This exe file is just self extracting archive with post extract script.

You should have those files, after extracting:

Archive: 2014A.exe
Details: RAR 4, SFX

Attributes Size Date Time Name
----------- --------- ---------- ----- ----
...D... 0 2011-11-05 19:47 VIDA
..A.... 444 2014-04-09 16:26 VIDA/patch/filldb.cmd
..A.... 6332 2013-04-02 05:43 VIDA/patch/filldb.sql
..A.... 14580 2012-12-07 01:11 VIDA/patch/license
...D... 0 2013-04-02 04:48 VIDA/patch
..A.... 4573 2014-04-09 15:47 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/bl/logger/UsageLogger.class
..A.... 8789 2014-04-09 15:47 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/bl/logger/UsageLogHelper.class
..A.... 32927 2014-04-09 15:47 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web/action/LoginAction.class
..A.... 9013 2014-04-09 15:47 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web/action/LoginForm.class
..A.... 2171 2014-04-09 15:47 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web/action/TabForm$pageURLs.class
..A.... 9593 2014-04-09 15:47 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web/action/TabForm.class
..A.... 6986 2014-04-09 15:47 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web/taglib/CwlListSelectorTag.class
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/bl/logger
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web/action
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web/taglib
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/bl
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida/web
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc/vida
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford/vcc
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/ford
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes/com
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF/classes
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war/WEB-INF
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear/VidaWeb.war
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments/VidaEar.ear
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone/deployments
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss/standalone
...D... 0 2014-04-09 16:23 VIDA/jboss
----------- --------- ---------- ----- ----
95408 28

Now the “license” file is in C:\VIDA\patch\. Look inside of it for a string:

subscriptionExpireDate=”2017-12-31 23:59:59″

Looks suspicious in year 2018?

  • just change the date in license file
  • make sure VidaMonitor and all java instances are off (javaw etc),
  • and execute filldb.cmd,
  • reboot and you are good to go!

If this doesn’t work – you probably did not kill VidaMonitor or Jboss/Java.

Good luck and fruitful hacking! 馃檪

TOMO M4, 4×18650 Power Bank – fail!

I bought from China, quite neat looking powerbank on up to four 18650 cells. It has all the needed features (almost) and even more – what could go wrong?

It has:

  • Output Overcurrent Protection
  • Input Overvoltage Protection
  • Electro-Static Discharge Protection
  • Overheat Safety Protection
  • Output Overvoltage Protection
  • Battery Overcurrent Protection
  • Input Overcurrent Protection
  • Prevent Current Reverse

Nice! It can charge and discharge each cell individually, has two USB output ports with 1A and 2A output current.

You can read many other nice things about this powerbank on Internet. But the big problem is, it’s a crap! Why?

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Infitary 3d printer HBi3 (aka old M508) – new Marlin firmware and settings

New Infitary main board HBi3 vs M508

So, after a year of using mention printer it’s high time to do some firmware tweaking (despite all additional, already printed goodies for the printer itself). My Infitary set came with SD card, on which came also Marlin firmware source code for this printer. Because of it, we have, let’s say “configured” firmware. It’s too old to use now, but all we really need is Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files.

Now just a quick info. It looks like Infitary came with slightly newer version of the printer, it’s now called M508. The main difference is in the board – it looks nicer, is more colourful and it is also Ramp 1.4 now. In git repository of Marlin we cane find config files for this printer – but they will not work out of the box for my older model. I’m not sure, if it’s a proper name, but let’s call it (like in the auction I bought it) Infitary HBi3 (Prusa). The other visible thing, that has change, is the case for power supply.

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Jak przerobi膰 telefon pok艂adowy Volvo XC70/V70 na zestaw g艂o艣nom贸wi膮cy

W Volvo XC70 z 2006 roku, mia艂em telefon pok艂adowy. Sk艂ada艂 si臋 on z klawiatury telefonicznej (a pod ni膮 ca艂ego modu艂u GSM i GPS), s艂uchawki fizycznej w pod艂okietniku, g艂o艣nika w

Klawiatura telefonu XC70, a pod ni膮 modu艂 GSM i GPS.

zag艂贸wku kierowcy i mikrofony przy lusterku wstecznym. Zestaw uzupe艂niaj膮 przyciski odbierania i odrzucania po艂膮cze艅 na kierownicy.

Niby fajnie, mo偶e i kilka lat temu by艂 by to przydatny zestaw – teraz nie mog艂em dla niego znale藕膰 sensownego zastosowania. Dodatkowa karta SIM, przekierowywanie numer贸w… innymi s艂owy za du偶o zachodu, a w ko艅cu w ca艂ym tym przedsi臋wzi臋ciu chodzi o wygod臋.

Najprostszym rozwi膮zaniem (kt贸re i tak wdro偶y艂em – nie chcia艂em wyrzuca膰 mojego, 艣wie偶o co nabytego z samochodem, HU805) jest dokupienie systemu bluetooth/aux/usb do radia, podpinanego pod z艂膮cze zmieniarki/nawigacji (w wypadku V70/XC70 z tego okresu). Ale nie mamy wtedy osobnego mikrofonu (chyba 偶e zainstalujemy z zestawu), radio musi pracowa膰 w trybie zmieniarki – by mo偶na by艂o rozmawia膰 i s艂ysze膰, 偶e kto艣 dzwoni oraz dodatkowo rozwi膮zanie to wydawa艂o mi si臋 ma艂o eleganckie.

Szybkie studiowanie Vida i moje obawy, 偶e i tym razem kto艣 mocno przekombinowa艂 system GSM w samochodzie, zosta艂y rozwiane – mikrofon i g艂o艣nik doprowadzone s膮 normalnie (nie w postaci zakodowanej, zaagregowanej do szyny itp.) wtyczk膮 do modu艂u telefonu. Czyli mo偶emy dzia艂a膰!

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