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How to choose different systems, based on pressed key in GRUB2

Ok, so the Internet is crawling with plenty of howtos for configuring different/many operating systems during boot with GRUB2. But I haven’t found the single one, how to make it depended on simple key press – not have to choose from GRUB menu.

So, in my case, I want to have boot up Linux/Debian all the time – as the default system, but from time to time, use Windows for Fusion 360 (or for gaming). Of course I can choose different OS from GRUB menu – like everyone else, but it would be much nicer and faster to simply press „shift” during boot and see Windows.

And yes, we can do it 馃檪

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Simple script to split wave or flac file using cue description

This is simple script, that will split on big FLAC or WAVE file (usually CD rip) into small OGG files. It will also normalize OGG files, TAG them (also with data from CUE file) and rename properly.

Script requires shnsplit (from shntool), lltag, cuetag (from cuetools), vorbisgain, oggenc (from vorbis-tools) and flac

In Debian (or Ubuntu) environment you can install all tools with:
aptitude install shntool lltag cuetools vorbisgain vorbis-tools flac
apt-get install shntool lltag cuetools vorbisgain vorbis-tools flac