How to add progress bar to your 3D printer with Simplify3d

Since I have the new display in my printer (dot matrix MKS_MINI_12864) I enabled progress bar on it. But, to my surprise, it was all the time empty with printouts from Simplify3d. After, a not so quick, investigation it looks like S3d, by default, does not utilizes M73 gcode command. But not everything is lost, since we have scripting…

Marlin firmware

For progress bar you need to enable it in “Configuration_adv.h” by uncommenting proper definition:

// Add an 'M73' G-code to set the current percentage

Simplyfy3d setup

In Process Settings you have to go to “Scripts” tab. There you have to add two lines to “start script” and “layer change” script

 In “Start Script” you should add this line:
M73 P0 ; start progress bar

M73 is gcode command setting up manual progress and it understands values P0-P100. Rest is just a comment

In “Layer Change Script” you have to add line:

M73 P[progress] ; Show progress with layer change

And that’s it. Value “[progress]” will be changed by S3d with proper, percentage value.


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