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Engraving, cutting 5.5W laser – description and proper connection

During upgrading my engraving machine (Chinese so called CNC 3018) I had to do some reverse engendering to do proper connection.聽 Perhaps someone else may find this information useful – so here you go 馃檪

Laser itself is distributed as two part set. Laser in aluminium cooling block with fan (and four wires), and PWM/TTL controller board.

Controller board uses this main components:

  • XL4003E1 – voltage regulator with input voltage 5V-32V, 4A CC max with 300kHz switching frequency
  • IC chip MCP60021 OPAMP – operational amplifier
  • Voltage regulator 78L05 – 5V output, 100mA
  • NPN transistor D476 61C

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Sim Wiocha

Sim Wiocha - przykladowa karta
Sim Wiocha - przykladowa karta

I kolejna zapomniana rzecz – karcianka stworzona przez Telefaxa, swego czasu za darmo do 艣ci膮gni臋cia ze strony magazynu Portal – obecnie zagin臋艂a w sieci, zapewne komu艣 si臋 jeszcze przyda do grania 馃檪 Sim Wiocha (pdf)