Sony RX100 mark VI and GPS location from smartphone

AFTrack GPS settings

Just a quick tip for users of Sony RX100 VI camera who does not appreciate PlayMemories 馃槈

Sony RX100 VI – location provided

Camera has no build in GPS receiver but it can use location information provided by your smartphone over bluetooth connection. Nothing new here. You need to install Sony dedicated app on your Android phone – PlayMemories which is crap. First of all, this app requires you to enable WiFi (even if you don’t use it to control your camera), second of all, you need to remember to enable it and check if it’s still running after a while – since Android can freeze it or kill it after some time. Luckily Sony did not invented the wheel here again, and used already available GPSD subsystem on Android to provide location information (and it’s not only GPS – it’s also Galileo, Glonass or Beidou). So as a matter a fact, we just need to enable it. You can use many available apps like “Bluetooth GPS output” (there is time limit in free version) or like I – use AFtrack, that I already have since Symbian phones. In AFtrack, you need to enable “GPS Daemon” in GPS settings. That’s it. No more need to use PlayMemories (but you still need it for pairing and initial run) and it should work all the time (you can even enable it on boot if you like).



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