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Neje CNC Laser engraving machine

What is it?

IMG_0778Neje laser engraver is a CNC device which can burn some small patterns on wood, paper, cork, leather and other organic or temperature non resistant, flat materials. The rule of thumb is, if the material is capable of burning or melting with temperature under 300C – you can probably use it with laser engraver. One more thing, this material can’t reflect to much light (or pass it true) – so most of shiny or transparent materials won’t work.

Now about this, exact model. It’s hard to tell – since you can find many names and different images in Chinese shops and producer does not put any mark on device itself, but judging by the driver its “DK-5 pro DK-6 pro DK-8 pro” type. So it should be “DK-5 PRO”. Be aware, then it’s not the same as “DK-5 PRO-5”, which is probably newer device with full frame (and the software is not compatible).

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