PIDKiln v0.9 (still) – second update

So this is a second update for current progress on building PIDKiln controller. This time it’s almost… almost finished 馃檪

Finished PIDKiln controller and relay box.

As you can see I’ve packed everything in two boxes. Right one is 3d printed (model available on Thingiverse) and contains ESP32 board, MAX boards, encoder, switch and sockets. The other box is made of old 3,5” disk drive enclosure. It’s not perfect – but I wanted it to be metal (aluminum in this case) to act as additional heat sink.

On relay box I’ve also made some additional space to hook up current/power meter. I think, after all, it looks quite nite.

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1 year ago

Hi Adrian, just a quick note to tell you that I am on the way to build your project. I’ve got all the components and now I am installing the software. I just got it running on sp32. If you want I can send you the updates. regards Lp

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